Why you need Human Resource System?

Nowadays economy demands a more proactive, effective role for the HR department. Without a capable and flexible HR system, companies are hard to manage the whole HR administration, including headcount budgeting, personnel administration, complete leave, allowance calculation, attendance management, roster management and payroll management system, etc.

Skynet Solutions Human Resources manages your globally dispersed workforce, improve human resource processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. 


Key Features and Benefits of Skynet Solutions HRMS

One-Stop Human Resource Solution
Skynet Solutions Human Resource Management System
  • Cloud Application and on-premises Application
  • Multiple languages of English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
  • Full compliance with labour ordinances in Hong Kong, China and Macau
  • Comprehensive employee data management including basic info, education, qualification, training, appraisal, emergency family contact, experience and employment history etc.
  • Supports user-defined leave type and approval feature for Core HR system or employee self-service (ESS) liked application of e-leave, e-claims, e-attendance, e-roster etc.
  • Supports statutory minimum and daily/ monthly average wages 
  • Supports MPF, ORSO, medical insurance and taxation calculation 
  • Offer sophisticated security features including Access Control and Audit Log
Genius HR
  • Employee Profile Management:
  • Supports all of the process information during the employee life-cycle such as multiple employments with different policies.
  • Leave Management:
  • Supports multiple leave types with various policies and allows leave entitlement calculation and reserve balance.
  • Attendance Management:
  • Supports flexible shift and roster planning for your staff while being fully integrated with payroll and leave management.
  • Payroll Management:
  • Genius HR payroll module created in compliance with current Hong Kong, Macau, and China legal regulations. It can let HR easily handle complex payroll processes and auto-process payment for leave, holiday and overtime.
  • MPF Management:
  • Generate MPF/ORSO Interface file to HSBC, AIA, Manulife, ChinaLife, BCT etc.
  • Taxation Management:
  • Tax returns such as IR56B /IR56M data file and IR form IR56B, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G and IR56M can be system generated.
  • Reporting Management:
  • Support over 60+ standard reporting and all HR data can be automatically retrieved, consolidated and organized with high user-friendliness and customizability for analysis through Skynet HRMS
Genius Cloud HR
Genius Cloud HR
Skynet® Cloud
Genius HR Cloud is a full-featured cloud-based HR solution powered by Skynet® Cloud. It is designed to support scalable and reliable cloud applications, making large amounts of content available to customers, and delivering security web services. Businesses in Hong Kong and around the world are benefiting the flexibility and stability of the Skynet Cloud Platform. With a cloud-based solution like Genius HR Cloud in place, you can enjoy total functionality and benefits within a completely secure, Skynet® Cloud hosted environment with 24x 7 support, zero hardware investment and maintenance, eliminating the time, cost and resources that network management has traditionally required. The proven high flexibility, reliability and stability of Skynet® Cloud also allow you to focus on your strategic tasks, business challenges and customer needs without any security concern.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Roster Management
  • Payroll Automation
  • MPF/ORSO Automation
  • Taxation Automation
  • Report Designer
  • i-Module (Employee Self-service):
  • i-Leave
  • i-Attendance
  • i-Roster
  • i-Personnel
  • i-Claims
  • Approval Workflow


Skynet Solutions HRMS Consultant Team is one of the most genius, trained and experienced in the industry with both technical expertise and HRMS domain knowledge. 

When accomplishing the project, we are able to draw from their past successful experience to systematically create an all-round solution that will satisfy the specific requirements of our clients.

Moreover, Skynet Solutions provides regular training to the consultants, so they can keep abreast with the latest technological developments and conform to the changes in the HR landscape. Our Consultant Team will help clients implement HR system decisions and accommodate to the changes in enterprise and government policies.


Skynet Solutions committed to delivering successful implementation of an HR system to all of the customers. Because our HRMS consultant able to provide a tailor-made solution adapted to the specific needs of the customer.


Skynet Solutions provides full-scale support and maintenance to guarantee all the customers can run the HR system smoothly with the best support


Skynet Solutions HRMS provides all the indispensable features that HR expert need. In order to cater for the requirements specific to the customer’s daily operation, Skynet Solution’s HRMS able to develop and deliver comprehensive modules of different features.