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Is your HR team running in the best practice way?

It’s time to update your #HRMS with 713 Ordinance compliance!

The Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 which has come into effect since July 13, 2007, therfore also known as the 713 Ordinance, states that an employee’s relevant statutory entitlements should be calculated on the basis of the employee’s 12-months daily average wage #DAW and its calculation should exclude those days and wages when the staff is not paid or not fully paid. These changes affect the calculation of many important statutory entitlements as below:

✔ Annual leave pay 
✔ Sickness allowance
✔ Holiday pay
✔ Maternity leave pay
✔ Paternity leave pay
✔ Wages in lieu of notice
✔ End of year payment

Please contact us and our HR consultant experienced team of implementation and flexiable customization services can go through the whole process with you for a system adaption that can fits your company’s specific wage policy and minimizes your HR teammate efforts.

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